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Who we are

Who we are

LA ROSSA – TECHNOLOGIES, LDA. was founded in 2016 to further develop the (S)table (E)lecrochemically (A)ctivated (DIS)infection technology, called SECADIS, an advanced patented technology in the field of Electrochemical Activation (ECA). LRT is manufacturing SECADIS devices for innovative disinfection solutions in various fields of application.

Our scientists are chemical engineers and biologists with outstanding expertise and many years of industrial experience in the field of ECA technology. They are holders of relevant university degrees and have experience working with different ECA providers further deepening their specialised knowledge in various ECA processes and applications.

The innovative SECADIS production process allows us to manufacture highly effective, eco-friendly, non-toxic and even stable biocidal solutions applicable in several industrial fields including - but not limited to – medical, animal farming, and industrial water management. Products based on the patented SECADIS Technology enjoy the unique benefit of having a shelf life of 24 months and may be produced in large volumes for industrial purposes.

Our core values revolve around customer focus and technological excellence to ultimately provide our customers with superior disinfection solutions crafted for their specific needs. To support this philosophy, we are dedicated to ongoing R & D activities with the aim of setting the technological standard in the ECA industry. Although we believe customer satisfaction is paramount, we also strive to exceed our clients’ expectations by establishing fruitful and long-term relationships.

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