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SECADIS Concepts

SECADIS stands for Stable Electro-Chemically Activated DISinfection. Our products can be supplied in various of concepts to optimally provide our customers with the best approach to suit their specific needs. Every system is fully customized and integrated in the respective client infrastructure.


This approach deals with direct on-site production of solutions based on the SECADIS Technology at clients’ premises. Customers are provided with SECADIS devices which are suitable for their businesses and meet their specific requirements. A complete and fully automated SECADIS device is recommendable and can be installed at the desired site.

Technical services

LA ROSSA – TECHNOLOGIES provides customers with the required technical services. The service commences with the conceptualization followed by a thorough briefing and continues with remote maintenance as far as possible.

Complementary technology

Depending on the specific application, complementary technologies such as the nebulizer can be beneficial. Nebulizer machines are purchased from third parties and are not the legal property of LA ROSSA – TECHNOLOGIES. The special benefit of this fogging disinfection method is that entire rooms can be effectively sanitised. Due to SECADIS solutions being absolutely save, rooms and stables can be disinfected without posing harm to humans, plants and animals.

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